Beautiful “Ladies” in Smosh’s Videos

Well, I guess most of you recognize Smosh, one of the high ranking youtuber. Today, I would like to compile screen captures of beautiful “ladies” in their video, which is basically Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox themselves playing woman’s character.

1. Bella Swan (Twilight) in 7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!

Bella Swan (Twilight)

2.  Rose DeWitt Bukater (Titanic) in JAPANESE TITANIC

Rose DeWitt Bukater (Titanic)

3. Antoinette Padilla in Ian’s First Girlfriend

Antoinette Padilla


DMV Lady

5. Lady Gaga in How Lady Gaga Got Famous

Lady Gaga

6. Honey Boo Boo in Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child

Honey Boo Boo

7. Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) in IF MOVIES WERE REAL 3 

Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

8. The Half Man (Two and a Half Man) in IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL

The Half Man (Two and a Half Man)

9. Celine Dion in JAPANESE TITANIC 

Celine Dion

10. The Kardashians in IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL

The Kardashians

So what do you think? Leave a comment to share your opinion. 😉


Photography: Between the Clouds

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted stuff in my blog. I’ve been very busy with my internship and other stuff as well. So, today I’m gonna post a photo that I have taken for quite some times…

This photo was taken outside my house. A photo of clouds with a portion of rainbow between them, thus I call it “Between the Clouds”. 🙂

This photo was taken using a digital camera, FinePix JX370… Hopefully someday I could purchase a DSLR to get a better result! Haha ~

“Cast Your Vote for the Video Game President” by IGN

IGN is having the Video Game Presidential Election!


Here are the characters for you to vote:

  • Ezio & Lara Croft: “Climbing bold new political heights and hopefully not falling off them.”
  • Gordon Freeman & Minecraft Steve: “Building a new age of science.”
  • Commander Shepard & Marcus Fenix: “Saving the universe from illegal aliens.”
  • Nathan Drake & Solid Snake: “Drake & Snake! It’s the best we could come up with!”
  • Link & Fox McCloud: “The elf doesn’t talk, but after two decades of listening to Slippy, I’m perfectly fine with that.

Note: The description is as what is stated by IGN.

I have voted mine. Now it’s your turn! ~ 😀

Click here to see VOTE for you favorite! –>LINK

Polls will close on October 31st at 5:00 p.m.

FOOD BATTLE 2012! by Smosh

For the whole last week, I’ve been waiting for the FOOD BATTLE 2012! by Smosh. And finally, its here, on last Friday (which is somehow Saturday in my country… -.-)


It was really fun to watch but I still hope pink sprinkle doughnut will win… 😐

Anyway, after having fun watching Food Battle 2012… now I feel like eating doughnuts 😀

Pink sprinkle doughnut is out-of-stock, but this will do… Yummy!

Slender Man Inspired Photo using Photoshop

It’s have been awhile since I made a post about Photoshop effects. Recently, I have made a post called Game Zone: Slender Game and it gives me an idea of editing a photo inspired by the Slender Man using Photoshop cs5.

The original photo is a photo of Matthew Grey Gubler as shown below…


So in the edited photo, I removed the face and change the photo to black and white (to give the horror effect to the photo). It’s my first attempt, so there is still some flaws on the face removal part… 😛

See the result below…

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I Accidentally Trolled My Classmate…

This morning, I accidentally TROLLED my classmate ~(^_^)~

He posted an EPIC FAILED photoshop where a picture of him and a ghost starring at him from behind on Facebook (I wish I saved the picture…). The problem with the photo is that the ghost’s hair is overlapping his face… -.-

So, I decided to comment the post by mentioning the flaws…

After a few seconds, he removed the picture from Facebook… (^▽^)

Oppssss…. did I just trolled him? LOL ~

Megurine Luka – Answer (アンサー)

I just found out today about one of Megurine Luka’s song called Answer (アンサー)… This song happen to be the sequel of her another song that I really like, Just Be Friends. ()

In case you doesn’t know who or what is Megurine Luka, she is one of the Vocaloid. Megurine Luka/巡音ルカ is the third Japanese Vocaloid 2. >‿‿◕


Megurine Luka – Answer (アンサー)


Megurine Luka – Just Be Friends